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The Solina Dam, completed in 1969, generates 200 MW of electricity and was responsible for the creation of the country’s largest artificial lake, Lake Solina. The dam also serves as a popular tourist attraction and is located near Bieszczady National Park, a forested and mountainous park abundant with wildlife. The new Solina dam eco-mural depicts a variety of the wildlife and plant life found in the Bieszczady Mountains, from different fish species to common predators, like the wolf and eagle.

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The PGE Polish Energy Group completed the artwork in collaboration with advertising agency Scholz & Friends, artist Przemek “Trust” Truscinski, and arts and marketing group Good Looking Studio. The team created the mural by strategically spraying strong jets of water onto the dam walls to wash away the layers of sediment formed over the years. The project was dubbed an “eco-mural” because the process uses no synthetic chemicals. The eco-mural will be viewable for at least the next year.

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