It’s a sad day for the giant yellow rubber duck that has made its way around the ports of the world. The oversized bath toy designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman suddenly burst before crowds of fans in Taiwain’s Keelung Port. Locals were shocked and disappointed as the duck split a seam and deflated just eleven days after arriving in port.

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The much loved giant rubber ducky has been delighting fans around the globe, using the rivers and ports as its own private bath tub. The 60 foot bird has lead a good life, traveling through cities across Europe, as well as Sao Paulo, Osaka, Auckland, Sydney, Baku, Pittsburgh, Bejing and Kaohsiung to name a few. News and security footage from around the port shows the sudden burst, which split the duck lengthwise, before it toppled into a yellow blob on the water’s surface.

The ducky has had troubles in the past, inexplicably deflating once in May 2013 in Hong Kong, and another version was victim to vandals in Belgium in 2009, where it was fatally stabbed 42 times. The demise of the giant yellow duck in Taiwan’s Keelung Port is thought by meteorologists to be due to unseasonal sunshine. The unexpected direct rays could have overheated the duck after spending weeks in cold, rainy weather, causing the changing internal pressure to cause a burst. Another eye witness claims an eagle was clawing at the surface of the duck, piercing it with its talons.

Taiwanese fans needn’t be sad for too long, another version of the giant rubber duck is being sent to the port and will be reinflated on Saturday.

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