Welder Scott Parenteau has created a gigantic geodesic dome that walks about on 12 creepy crab-like legs! Parenteau’s spider-like “Walking Pod” is powered by a wind turbine and a roof-mounted solar panel, which help support the 800 watts of power needed to move the machine.

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Scott Parenteau recently showcased his Walking Pod at Maker Faire – a San Francisco Bay Area event that encourages inventors and tinkerers to push the boundaries of technology and showcase their latest inventions. Parenteau built his creation from scrap metal and industrial dishwasher parts, and it took him three months to construct. The large robot tips the scales at 1,800 pounds so it can only travel at speeds of .02 miles per hour – but it’s still probably the coolest solar-powered evil-looking spider robot we’ve seen! Watch the video below to see it in action.

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