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In what will be the Brazilian street artists’ largest work yet and their first in Canada, the project is part of their international series, Giants. Similar to previous works in the series, the makeover of the six industrial silos will be large and ultra-colorful. Upon completion, the silos will be converted into an amazing 360 degree public art mural measuring 23,500 square feet.

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The art initiative is part of Vancouver Biennale’s city-wide effort to transform urban landscapes into open air exhibitions across the city, especially in areas with little to no green areas. The large silos are surrounded by a bustling market and a heavily trafficked boat harbor but the area has always maintained a largely industrial atmosphere. The Pandolfo brothers’ signature style of giant cartoon characters and vivid colors are key to their works and will certainly breathe a new vibrancy to the formerly grey industrial area.

“The first challenge of this project was to find a location that would fit with our idea,” the brothers explain. “We did not want a conventional two-dimensional wall that we had done before – we wanted something different, special and unique. We have an ongoing project called ‘giants’ that has been realized in several places in the world such as Greece, USA, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Brazil and England, and we will continue now in Canada, but with a difference. As the proposed biennale has a strong connection with sculpture, we decided to find a place where the painting can be transformed, creating a dialogue between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds.”

The completed mural is set to be unveiled on September 7, 2014.

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Photos by Sergio Magro global BC / Vancouver Biennale