For those of us cowgirls or cowboys-at-heart, we can now live vicariously through the Giddyup Rocking Stool- an equestrian take on ready-made design object. Made from reclaimed leather saddles, Giddyup was designed for all ages as a fun, alternative way to sit. We love that Giddyup’s designer, New Zealander Tim Wigmore, has found a way to give new life to worn saddles while helping us to tap into our inner child and the poetry of sustainable materials in motion.

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Giddyup is made exclusively from sustainably sourced plywood and re-purposed saddles. The timber is finished with a non toxic citrus based oil. The old, worn saddles have a beauty and patina that the designer tries to highlight while cleaning and oiling the leather surfaces. Part of the designer’s inspiration comes from thinking about “who owned the saddle previously, where it has been, and what stories have happened around it.” Each one-of-a-kind Giddyup piece incorporates saddles that are no longer in use, rather than taking good working saddles out of circulation.

$845 NZD ($645 USD) from Unless + Giddyup Saddle + Tim Wigmore Designs