Brazilian architect Carlos Teixeira created an incredible labyrinth made entirely from layered recycled cardboard for the 29th International Biennial in Sao Paulo. Shaped like a gigantic maze and featuring curved and straight walls, dead-ends, and U-shaped ramps, the installation was designed to host small events during the Biennale’s short duration. Entitled ‘The Other, the Same’ (‘El Otro, el Mismo’) this sustainable temporary installation takes its name from a 1964 book by renowned Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.

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Teixeira designed the spaces within the recyclable cardboard installation to be used as for dance events, theater, and music. The space is flexible enough to be arranged and rearranged in many different ways for discussions, integrating exhibitions, meet and greet events, or simply providing a place to take a break.

Carlos Teixeira’s multifunctional, biodegradable, and low-cost cardboard labyrinth is a beautiful example of sustainable design that can live on long after the Biennial has run its course.

+ Carlos Teixeira

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