Magritte, eat your heart out – this gigantic handcrafted comb bike rack adds a fantastic dose of surreality to the urban fabric of Roanoke, Virginia. Designed by The Knowhow Shop – a co-operative space that teaches people to build a host of different items – the 400 pound comb was shipped off to the city as part of a fun public art project.

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The detailed bike rack is both useful and unusual, and it created quite a stir on the city’s locally celebrated ‘bike day’ earlier this year. It was made from Mangaris decking using “full mortise and tenon construction, while the hair is made from powder coated steel”.

The LA-based shop responsible for this brilliant design is a 1,800-square-foot site that offers tools, facilities, and the expertise of talented makers. Members simply punch in and out, paying for the time they use. We can’t wait to see the interesting designs that the co-op brings out next!

+ Knowhow Shop

Via The Fox is Black