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Florentijn Hofman created his giant yellow duckie with the mission of simply bringing people together through the presence of art. Treating the Loire as a giant bubble bath, The Rubber Duck brings a message of joy, without political or sociological connotation.

The duck itself is a durable vessel, made from an inflatable plastic shell, a pontoon boat, and a generator to help propel it forward downstream. It gently moves throughout the environment without disrupting the nature of the marine life in the river below. Rising 82 feet by 82 feet wide, the bath time toy conjures up childhood memories and nostalgic narratives, undeniably creating smiles as it passes through each town.

Hofman’s work often deals with simplistic happiness – his oversized installations serve as diversions that ease the tension of modern life. His work often gives onlookers a moment of serenity amidst times of economic and political turmoil.

The Rubber Duck traveled a 40 mile stretch from Saint-Nazaire to Nantes, France as part of the Loire Estuary art exhibition. The Rubber Duck has already delighted the shores of both Osaka and Sao Paulo, and it will likely continue its journey to other waterways around the world.

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