We’ve seen some pretty epic gingerbread houses this holiday season but this Transformer Gingerbread House, aptly called Gingerbreadtron, really takes the cake. The crazy candy-clad house slowly transforms into a motorized candy robot right before your eyes! With a little help from an Arduino Uno board, some glue and cardboard, creator Brian Hall made his gingerbread house like no other.

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Fresh baked gingerbread was not the key ingredient in Hall’s masterpiece. That honor goes to the six servo motors concealed under the delicious rafters, along with a cardboard foundation for support. Hall created the sophisticated system to basically function as a robot, which could accept simple programming for movement and transformation.

After constructing the interior robot with moving arm and head pieces, Hall baked the gingerbread and cut it into complementary parts. Traditional frosting glue was used on the edges of the gingerbread and gumdrops, non-pareils, peppermints and M&Ms were glopped on to decorate the roof and sides.

But don’t let the child-like candy-coated exterior fool you! With the flip of a switch, the kiddie house actually lurches forward and rises up. Then the roof splits open, and either side of the house falls aside to form robotic arms. Finally, the gingerbread and frosting chimney rotates 180 degrees, revealing Gingerbreadtron’s rather delectable face.

+ Brian Hall

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