A poor giraffe was killed after striking its head on a freeway overpass while being transported in an open container down a South African highway. The animal’s owner was moving two giraffes in Pretoria, South Africa when one of the giraffes slammed into a bridge. Shortly after, the animal died of injuries sustained in the accident.


Several people witnessed the event and relayed the story on various social media outlets, including pictures of the giraffes being transported. Pabi Moloi, a TV and radio personality who witnessed the accident wrote on her Instagram account, “Not sure what the regulations are but as they were going under a normal highway bridge, I saw one of the giraffes hit its head. It was so terrible to see.”

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Local news reported that after slamming into the bridge, the truck broke down, leaving the injured animal and its companion stranded. A representative from the South African SPCA said that there is an investigation pending, but that the animal died from “severe head trauma.” The representative also confirmed that the animal was not being moved in accordance with safety standards for transporting animals.

Via The Independent

Images of giraffes courtesy of Pabi MoloiStock image via Shutterstock, image via Boene75