Cleaning up shouldn’t require a hazmat suit, but with all the toxic chemicals that make up today’s household products, it might not be such a bad idea. To help you get your home squeaky clean in a healthy way, we’ve teamed up with Replenish to give five lucky readers a year’s supply of Replenish cleaner! Replenish’s cleaning system features a 98% plant based-cleaner and a replaceable concentrate pod bottle system that reduces plastic waste, energy and CO2 emissions by 90% and saves consumers 50% over the cost of traditional cleaners. If you’re looking for a green alternative to keeping those dust bunnies at bay and your countertops sparkling, then jump ahead for details on how to win!

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Each winner will receive one bottle of Replenish Multi Surface cleaner in any given scent, and two additional replacement concentrate pods of each of the three scents Replenish comes in – sun lemon, fresh lavender, and green tea.

The Replenish system focuses on sustainable practices through the use of reusable bottle and concentrated pods, removing the need to ship water. By supporting innovative product companies like Replenish, we can change the status quo and lower the amount of plastic wasted every year and the amount of CO2 released into our air. Check out Replenish’s Facebook page here and give them a thumbs up for their efforts!


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