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The rectilinear home’s façade is a mix of glass and timber, with knotty wooden planks in planes that alternate in horizontal and vertical configurations, framed with black painted wood. The wooden planes look as if they reveal oversized windows beneath them, exposing the interior to the landscape as well as abundant light, despite the home situated to face a nearby lake to the north. The textures of the exterior are mimicked with the views from each of the generous windows that line the home.

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Inside, the home is set up in an open and airy plan that graciously circulates light and air. The timber repeats itself on the ceiling and accent walls, and meets a concrete floor that echoes the boulders outdoors. A small wooden stove in the downstairs living room heats modestly but effectively, circulating throughout the first floor space, The second floor mezzanine houses the bedrooms and bathrooms, which are framed with windows that face various snippets of the forest.

The feeling of the glassy home changes with the landscape around it, the seasonal changes reflect indoors, bringing an ever-changing environment both inside and out.

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