We love Glide’s modular, building-block-like lighting system with a unique “twist.” Freestanding on the table, as a chandelier, or integrated into shelving, Glide’s Twist-Together LED Lights are as eye-catching as they are customizable- and will be lighting up this weekend’s BKLYN Designs annual show, kicking off New York’s Design Week May 11 to 13. Available in a deep chocolate and more colorful Lego-ish color schemes, the modular Twist-Together Lights offer innumerable energy savings combinations through the use of low-voltage LEDs.

Taking apart and reassembling a light has never been this easy or fun- you’ll want to change the lighting in your room everyday. Safe enough for kids, but engaging enough to keep adults interested, Glide’s Twist-Together Lights make a great interactive addition to any home’s lighting scheme.

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