Built on the former site of a sprawling glass manufacturing facility in Shanghai’s Baoshan District, this glinting Museum of Glass shows the rest of the world what sustainable reuse is all about. Located a fair distance from the tourist track, the iconic building by logon architecture and Coordination Asia will hopefully entice people to travel in for a peak. The first of four phases that will culminate in the G+ Glass Theme Park, the museum comprises a beautiful dark facade inscribed (by sandblasting) with glass-related words in a several languages. At night, these are illuminated with LED backlighting.

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By 2018, the glass art, research and technology park will include an exhibition center, hot glass shows, DIY workshops, lectures, libraries, and interactive installations. There will also be a glass sculpture yard, as well as science and business parks all molded into one massive complex devoted to glass, glass, and more glass.

+ logon architecture

+ Coordination Asia