Atkins Architecture has proposed a gorgeous new mixed-use tower overlooking the Black Sea on Georgia’s coast for clients Sustainable Growth Investments. Called the Ad Astra Building, the glass and steel structure will glitter on the Batumi skyline. The skyscraper’s louvered facade reduces solar gain by 40%, and its top supports a heliport for the company helicopter.

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The 45 story tower was inspired by traditional Georgian stone towers that dot the lush hills of the region. A diagonally gridded steel exoskeleton will support the interior glass tower, bearing vertical loads while creating a stunning myriad of glass. The tower will be crowned with a translucent pyramid that accentuates the triangular pattern of the outside. Beneath the exterior triangles is a system of louvers, which creates shade and privacy throughout the entire building. The louvers also help prevent solar gain, keeping the inside cool. Coupled with glazing, the louvers and the building’s exoskeleton reduce solar gain by 40%.

The pyramid atop the tower does not just create a visual peak – it also opens to reveal the building’s heliport. The triangular sides are lowered, and the square base acts as the landing pad. The Ad Astra Tower will be home to a 5 star hotel, offices, retail space, luxurious penthouse apartments, an events hall, a champagne lounge, and a sky restaurant below the helioport.

The tower will be a symbol of the new developments in the Georgian city of Batumi. Its glistening top will be viewable from points all over the city, as well as from the Greater Caucasus Mountains nearby.

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Via World Architecture News