Torbjorn Lundell has just launched a new light-emitting textile at the 2006 Stockholm Furniture Fair called
GloFab. This is such a fabulous idea it makes you wonder why this development has taken so long. It has always seemed to me like it should be pretty straightforward to weave fiber-optic cables into textiles, and then pump light through those cables to create a radiant fabric. Apparently, the trick is that fiber optic cables can only be bent so much before light can no longer pass through them. This little rule of physics explains why the knots of GloFab are all so large, giving the textile a beautiful gossamer look which perfectly suits its ethereal glowing quality.

The textile can be hung, framed or laminated in glass, and can be used as walls, partitions, stage sets, plafonds and false ceilings. Its an ideal material for exhibitions, receptions, bars, lounges, boutiques, fashion runways, and night clubs. The light source can be anything from a lamp to the sun, and the intensity of the light can be controlled by the generator, allowing for a wide variety of different applications.

GloFab would make a lovely wall or ceiling covering, eliminating the need for lamps or other light fixtures. I can’t wait to see further developments on this front. More fiber optic textiles please!

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