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The 1,183-seat theater was created as part of the Dalian Wanda Group’s new resort in Xishuangbanna, an area with lush lowlands in Yunnan that’s home to the only tropical forest nature reserve in China. The Dai Show Theatre & Dai Show was specially designed to accommodate a permanent water-based acrobatics show choreographed by the renowned Dragone Studio. The theater also includes exclusive VIP suites.

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Inspired by both local culture and native flora, Stufish Architects crafted the theater as an “iconic cultural symbol.” The 110-meter-diameter golden roof is divided into two tiers to allow for airflow and cantilevers over the open-air lobby. The folded trusses of the roof are left exposed to give visitors the impression that they’re walking or sitting beneath a canopy of palm trees. The folded triangular palm frond-like patterns are repeated on the exterior walls and throughout the interior and embossed lighting fixtures. The Dai Show Theatre & Dai Show opened September 25, 2015.

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