All Souls Day was celebrated the fair in the Netherlands this year with an evocative, inflatable glowing pavilion. Dubbed The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke, the piece was designed by the Dutch collective Overtreders W, and features an illuminated pillow inflated by a wood stove. The pillowy pavilion provokes the spirits and emits a soft warm glow over the inhabitants below.

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Allerzielen Alom – The Art of Commemoration is a Dutch movement that incorporates contemporary art in a festive, non-denominational way to commemorate the deceased. The ethereal connection with the glowing canopy and the earth and life below seems to strike just the right balance of celebration and contemplation. The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke installation was raised three times — in two graveyards and at a mental hospital.

The picnic table legs continue upwards to form a series of saw horses that are able to support the inflated plastic canopy. Preheated air from the wood stove is blown into the bag to keep it afloat. The pavilion has room for forty people, and the wood stove is placed in a central location to warm not only people, but soup, chestnuts and other cooked goods.

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