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The deep black room is only lit with UV lights. Visitors can only see a fluorescent forest with glowing plastic flowers and a stone spiral on the floor. Each plant has a sensor that reacts differently when it comes in contact with heat or light. Once a flower is lit with the torch, it will create a sweet tune and engage the public into creating their own musical universe. In another room, one filled with lots of natural light, there are hanging ivy plants that also play tunes activated by the gentle touch of a human.

The French artists of Scenocosme create hybrids of plants and digital technology, and with this installation, they explore the relationship between humans and plants, expressed through sweet, melodic rhythms, that for us humans, is easily understand by all.

+ Scenocosme

+ Watermans Gallery

+ London Design Festival 2011

Photos © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat; Lead Image © Scenocosme