We love a marriage of old and new. The Glowing Wireless Furniture from Gau Designs is a shining example. Literally. The table (or bench, if you prefer) is made from primarily reclaimed, refinished wood with recycled steel legs. The rich finish of the wood contrasts two polished acrylic cylinders that sit on top. The cylinders contain rechargeable wireless LEDs that last for up to eight hours at a time, with customizable brightness and color?perfect if you want to use it both indoors and out.

Gau Designs is a Montr?al design studio offering everything from furnishings to architectural interiors to photography and graphic design. Most of their furniture has that dark, clean look we love, sprinkled with a few powder-coated and otherwise bold pieces, like the Memory Accessories (see below), which contain removable, temperature-activated rubber inserts that change color in response to thermal stimulation.

Gau Designs manages to mix the best of modern minimalism and contemporary interactive materials. The whole line achieves a fine balance of natural and industrial, heavy and light, fluid and firm.

+ www.gaudesigns.com