If you’re in the market for a GM car, you may soon be sitting among recycled Gulf oil spill materials. With partner GDC, GM is cleaning and recycling the infamous absorbent booms from the Gulf and will begin turning them into air dams, water deflectors and other passive car parts as soon as next week. Booms absorb oil but repel water — a property that comes in handy for parts that shouldn’t get wet.

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The Detroit automaker has its share of financial woes, but its aggressive recycling and reuse program has generated $2.5 billion in revenue since 2007. GM recycles 90 percent of the waste generated at its 140-some production facilities. Almost half the facilities send nothing at all to landfills.

Credit where credit is due, this is a pretty great idea — assuming the toxic oil spill gunk is thoroughly removed before you plant your precious derrière in your pristine new car.

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