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gmp Architekten’s design for the Hangzhou South Railway Station was recently awarded first prize and will renovate and extend the existing station. After its completion, Hangzhou South will be the third largest station in the city after the eastern and main railway stations. The 90,000 sq m rectilinear building acts as a bridge straddling over the train tracks. Passengers enter the foyer of the station from the east or the west via long sloping ramps and can quickly reach the 7 platforms at ground level.

The 200 meter long and 18 meter high waiting hall is a free-spanning space without columns. Flooded with natural daylight, the open space provides easy orientation and directions to descend to the 21 tracks via escalators or lifts. Inspired by traditional regional architecture, the station features a plinth made from grey granite and a main hall with bright white walls. Vertical wooden slats, a nod to traditional Chinese window shutters, frame the waiting hall and shield the space from direct sunlight. Construction is expected to begin in 2012 and should be complete by 2014.

Images ©gmp Architekten