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The GMS Grande Palladium is hoisted 8 meters above the ground to create a landscaped courtyard that is more interconnected with the street level. The main lobby of the building is located here as well as a cafe, where employees and visitors can enjoy the outdoor shaded space. A parking garage is located underground to maximize space and reduce the urban heat island effect. Above are four levels of generic commercial space for a variety of companies with the top floors reserved for the building’s owner and his son.

Malik Architecture aimed to create a holistic and healthy working environment, so they incorporated operable windows for natural ventilation and lots of daylighting through the specially placed horizontal windows and the north and east glazed facades. Indoor air quality management, an energy efficient HVAC system and intelligent lighting ensure a comfortable indoor climate. BIM also helped the company optimize the use of materials and construction efforts, saving time, money and resources. Rainwater is collected and used along with greywater for landscape irrigation, and the project also included the use of locally sourced materials, recycled materials, diversion of 50% of construction waste from landfills and a on-site recycling program for the offices.

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