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Are you feeling especially lethargic after a long day’s work? Or maybe like you’ve been put through a ringer even though you’ve simply been sitting at a desk all day? Well, your sedentary state may just be the reason your body is ailing. Recent studies have confirmed that too much sitting is actually bad for your health — increasing risks for obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Built to be in motion, the human body depends on movement to keep its muscles from breaking down and its metabolism up — so when one becomes overly static, the signs of degeneration usually present themselves in the form of increasingly poor health. So what’s one to do in a world of 9-5 by desk jobs? Stand-working!

Read ahead as Inhabitat’s very own stand-working Editor-in-Chief, Jill Fehrenbacher, discusses the benefits of working without a chair. From resolved body pains, to increased energy, to better mental focus, we have a feeling this idea just might get you excited about going back to work on Monday!