Go Halfsies is a brilliant social initiative in Texas that solves the tripartite problem of obesity, food waste, and hunger in one fell swoop. When diners visit participating restaurants in Austin, they have the option of signing up for “halfsies”. In so doing, they will pay full price for a meal but receive only half the portion and the other half will be donated to people in the city who do not have enough money to purchase food. Since so many restaurants serve portions that are way larger than we actually need, it often happens that leftover food goes into the rubbish bin – where it becomes ineligible for donation. Halfsies solves that dilemma before it even happens by helping diners make good health decisions before they see the food on their plate.

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Even though 50.2 million Americans didn’t know where they would get their next meal in 2009, the country wastes nearly 40% of the food that is produced – enough to fill the Rose Bowl every day, according to the Halfsies online literature. Meanwhile, our nationals are among the world’s heaviest, which creates a host of preventable health problems.

Halfsies will roll out their Austin program in Spring 2012, and are in the midst of creating partnerships in New York City as well. We can’t wait to participate in this awesome program, which is at once altruistic and smart. Join us. Go halfsies!

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