It’s been some time since we last reported on Mexico City-based Godoylab, but this sustainability-focused design studio has certainly been hard at work with a slew of new pieces to show. One piece that caught our eye is Emiliano Godoy’s Drip Table, a dynamic form built of thinning wood taken from a sustainably managed and FSC-certified teak plantation. Through smart design Godoy was able to create fluid and unique form that maximizes the value of this difficult and somewhat diminutive material while boasting the advantage of being eco-friendly.

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For Drip’s materials Godoylab worked with Proteak, a company that focuses their efforts on regenerating the planet by converting old farming and grazing grounds, now nutrient-depleted and unproductive, into sustainable wood plantations. During the early years, young plantations produce a great deal of thinning wood that must be cut away. This seemingly callous process is actually paramount to creating the right conditions for trees to grow properly and productively on an affected piece of land. Given the thinned wood’s unique characteristics — color, hardness, and that it can only be obtained in small formats — it cannot be distributed or utilized in regular woodworking factories. A way to cut waste from this drawback, Proteak has installed machinery to produce large planks of wood by gluing several smaller pieces together.

The Drip Table uses these large planks and stresses the nature of the original wood pieces though legs built from small strips of differing lengths. By placing value on the individual wood pieces, each table pays tribute to the uniqueness of the building method and the process of creating new, sustainably managed forests that hold long term benefits for the environment.

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