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Gokturk 118, CM Mimarlik, Turkey, Istanbul, apartment building, mosaic glass, glass facade, prisms, green architecture, natural lighting

The two volumes have different heights – 12.5-meters and 15.50-meters, but meet at the corner to create a unified whole. The two separately perceivedprisms act as an extension of the street fronts that dominate the area but introduce a small degree of eccentricity that breaks up the monotony.

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Residential units are organized so that living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms and kitchens are all aligned on the same façade. Thanks to the fact that these require different types of openings, the architects were able to create a playful, unified facade with variations in transparency and opaqueness. The glass mosaic appears as a maintenance-free, sustainable material and ads an element of warmth to the otherwise clean and rhythmic facade.

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