Goldee has leaped aboard the smart home bandwagon with new technology that promises to revolutionize our relationship with light. Dubbed the “world’s smartest light switch,” the minimalist black square offers a touch-free, gesture controlled experience. Goldee just officially launched their $100,000 crowdfunding campaign, and you can pre-order a switch today for $249.

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Since the system is designed to work with wirelessly-connected LEDs such as the Philips Hue, the Goldee lighting system can also be remotely controlled via smartphone. By hooking up with Smart light bulbs, Goldee can be programmed to simulate various lighting conditions. Different levels of intensity, hue, and color temperature can be controlled by a simple wave of your hand. To help regulate your inner body clock, Goldee will gradually brighten or dim the lights to the positioning of the sun throughout the day.

The motion-activated lighting system will also automatically turn off the lights when you leave home and turn them back on upon your return. A dim ‘Night Mode’ light switches on if the system senses motion in the middle of the night, and if no one has been home for more than two days, a Smart Security feature kicks in to simulate your presence.

According to the designers, the system can be installed like any other light switch and is still compatible with normal light bulbs. Rather than hosting it on popular funding platforms such as Kickstarter however, Goldee will be independently crowdfunded on their website.

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