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The Milan-based architecture studio designed the building for an international competition held in 2099 and envisioned a 33-storey high hollow circular building. The team wanted to avoid copying western skyscrapers, and decided to look to Chinese tradition for inspiration. Their final design is something of an urban logo and works like an ideogram used in Chinese writing. When reflected in the river, the building becomes a figure of eight-the infinity symbol.

The total height of the building is 138 meters and incorporates 85,000 square meters of floor area. It features a giant hole with almost 50 meters in diameter. The floors are grouped in two rows of blocks visible from the side of the building, which are cantilevered up to 25 meters. The exchange hall is located underneath the central hole and functions as the heart of the entire complex.

+ A.M. Progetti

Via Dezeen, Archdaily