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Grimanesa Amorós, led lights, led installation, light installation, temporary installation, temporary art, Soleri Bridge, green lighting, light art

The artist was inspired by the ancient Hohokam Indians who once occupied northern Arizona and were among the first cultures to rely on irrigation canals. The resulting structure is a large-scale temporary installation that was mounted on the Soleri Bridge, located just southwest of the intersection of Scottsdale and Camelback Roads. The entireinstallation looks like it emerges from the water, celebrating the union of different elements.

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Another aspect of the installation reflects the artist’s interest in how our bodies react and are defined through their relationship with specific environmental conditions. Thanks to the presence of light,” one can feel the presence of the water and nature just by standing next to it. The piece will seemingly rise from the canal waters, as they are one with the existent canal.”

+ Grimanesa Amorós