Gomi has revolutionized the electronics industry by tackling the persistent problem of proper disposal at the end of a product’s life. Unlike many other speaker companies, Gomi adopts a circular approach that enhances product longevity and significantly reduces pre and post-consumer waste.

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A speaker deconstructed with its parts hanging in front of it

Each part of Gomi speakers are carefully evaluated on a sustainability scale. As a result, the company has created speakers that are handmade in the U.K. and incorporate recycled waste materials. 

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Therefore, Collection One is a line of limited edition portable Bluetooth speakers, developed using recycled waste plastic. Gomi reports the collection has diverted over six tons of waste from the waste stream and that each speaker incorporates the equivalent of 44 plastic bags in its production. In addition, the manufacturing gives a second life to used e-bike batteries. 

Two speakers laying on different levels

After use, Gomi builds on the eco-friendly design by offering trade-ins and repairs to extend the life of each speaker. Each of the 29 components can be removed and replaced or upgraded to promote a long-lasting and durable modular design. 

In a press release, the company said, “In the current climate of mass production, low-cost and low-quality products, Gomi aims to promote conscious purchase decisions.”

A oil-slick painted speaker

With a cradle-to-cradle design process, the company highlights a carbon neutral system. Gomi proudly claims the speakers offer superior sound quality and the ability to link speakers together for a surround sound experience. Along the way, the company also focuses on improving the often sterile look of their electronics with three colorways that were inspired by art. Made by hand, the marbling pattern is unique for every speaker. Each speaker in the limited release also features an individual edition number. 

A purple tie die color speaker on a white platform

Rishi Gupta, cofounder and CEO at Gomi said, “At Gomi we envision a world where waste is not seen as a problem, but as a resource that can be transformed into beautiful and unique masterpieces that fuse form and function. We believe that design is a force for change that can inspire equitable solutions to our throwaway culture, by acknowledging the value of waste and our responsibility towards all the stakeholders of our planet. ”

The back of a purple speaker where the ports and wire attachments are

Tom Meades, cofounder and Chief Design Officer added, “Every material and design decision is filtered through our thinking ‘can it be repaired easily, can it be recycled easily’ — this is why we’re anti-glue, pro-modularity and proudly repair-for-life. At Gomi we are proving that there is a process to recycling properly, that we can create exciting products from waste, and bring beauty and individuality into tech.”

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