When we told you recently that the Toyota RAV4 electric vehicle would only be available to car sharing programs and fleets next year, we were happily misinformed. Apparently the phrase “very strategic applications” from Toyota’s National Business Planning Manager of Advanced Vehicle Marketing Geri Yoza was only an ambiguous answer to the question of where and when the car would be available, not a veiled hint that the car would be unavailable to the public. We say hooray! It did seem like a mistake to make a car with such popular appeal only available to car sharing programs.

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Unfortunately, the company’s other electric vehicle coming to market next year, Scion’s tiny iQ city car, will only be going to car sharing programs, but this makes more sense since little EVs do well in fleets. Larger vehicles like the 2012 RAV4, built in cooperation with Tesla to harness their battery expertise, should prove much more popular with the general car-buying public. Phew! We’re so glad to be wrong on that one. Thanks for setting the record straight, Toyota.

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Via USA Today