What’s better than a hot bath? A hot bath while being immersed in the outdoor environment. That’s the idea behind Canadian bath company GOODLAND, and unlike your typical hot tub, The Wood Burning Hot Tub offers the bonus of zero electrical costs.

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A man out in the woods gathering wood for the bath

The concept of a fire-heated bath isn’t new, but with GOODLAND you don’t have to plan half a day ahead. The efficient design requires a small bundle of wood to get the warming started and your bath is ready around 90 minutes later.

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A man placing chopped wood into the bath

The essence of the bath is a connection with the natural world, so building a fire is part of the experience followed by an immersion into another natural element — water. As an outdoor experience, bathing in a GOODLAND tub includes the other two elements of nature, air and earth, for a soothing experience.

Close up of the metal workings of the natural tub

The intent is to set an intention — to slow down, simplifying life in a culture that is overflowing with pings of instant gratification. Inspired by Japanese bathing culture and deeply-engaging outdoor experiences, GOODLAND has filled a void with consumers, exceeding forecasted sales for its flagship offering. Instead of the few dozen the company thought it may sell, hundreds of The Wood Burning Hot Tubs are being shipped across North America to customers looking to reconnect with the simplest of outdoor experiences. 

A "GOODLAND" tool to help stir the tub

“It’s so exciting to see the growth of GOODLAND. Two years ago it was just a wild idea, and the reception we’ve received has blown us away, truly,” explains GOODLAND Founder Craig Pearce. “Not only are people buying tubs but customers are claiming it has changed their lives — it’s like we’re building a community of authentic bathing fanatics, and I love it. It’s been an exciting time and a challenge for our small team, but we’re all here putting in the work with a smile on our faces.”

The man relaxing in the tub in the forest

The tubs are intentionally made to contrast the standard hot tub options. The Wood Burning Hot Tub doesn’t have electronic boards full of bright lights or loud jets. Instead, it sits quietly, purposely letting nature provide the noise and light. The minimalist design means there’s no complex chemical balancing to deal with either. 

The entire tub is made from recyclable materials including aluminum, wood, steel and brass. 


Images via GOODLAND