Google Earth has always been a very cool way to see the world, and recently they have added some very green features including green buildings, and now the ability to visualize air pollution! Thanks to the US EPA, it is now easy to find out exactly how air pollution is affecting your neighborhoods and neighborhoods around the world.

With the new Google Earth features, you will be able to find out the sources of pollution from the major point sources in the United States. These include cement facilities, manufacturing plants, refineries and electric generating units. Each of these will provide information on the carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxide, VOCs, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide. The data is displayed in graph form, and you can also visually compare each emitter to the next, thanks to the location of the height of each marker.

The information from the EPA can be specified to be from a specific state, from an emission sector, and pollutant amount. Now if we could get this for the entire planet.

+ Air emission sources @ the EPA