Google is set to begin shipping its first set of Google Glass headsets to a select group of approved users – and although the glasses components were made by Taiwanese Hon Hai Precision Industry, they will be manufactured close to Google’s home in Silicon Valley. The US-built glasses mark an ongoing trend wherein tech giants are moving some manufacturing jobs stateside.

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Google’s decision to produce Glass locally is sure to make the super-hyped product even more desirable to its loyal following. The chosen 8,000 beta testers will use the augmented reality glasses in real-life situations to help Google work out bugs in the first generation of the product. The company took applications from consumers interested in becoming “Glass Explorers,” and it just announced that the orders will be fulfilled in the coming weeks. The “winners” still have to pony up the $1,500 price tag for Google Glass, but they have the honor of being the first to test the innovative technology.

The voice command-operated glasses will feature an interface on the upper right corner of the glasses’ display. The system will be connected to the Web and will allow users to access a translator, a calendar, weather alerts, image search and Google Now. Users will also be able to capture and share their experiences by uploading photos and film taken from the perspective of their very own eyes.

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