Select Google employees at the company’s headquarters in California will be able to juice up their electric vehicles using a new Plugless Power™ charging station. Installed recently by the cleantech startup Evatran, this new unit uses electrical induction instead of wires to deliver a snappy charge. Although some energy efficiency is lost, Evatran offers a self-cleaning, hands-free solution to many of the drawbacks associated with charging EV vehicles including inclement weather and tripping.

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The Plugless Power™ charging station comprises three main components: the parking block, a control tower that tracks the charge, and an adapter that is mounted to individual electric vehicles. When an adapted vehicle is ready for a charge, it drives up to the block, which automatically detects and then begins powering that vehicle.

Magnetic coils in both the power block and the adapter interact with each other to create electrical induction. That transfer compromises the system’s energy efficiency by under 10%, though Evatran emphasizes that batteries will still accept the same charge as it would from conventional plug in technology. Nor will the loss increase charging time. The company hopes to deliver this wireless adapter technology at scale by next year.

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Via Fast Company