Google is never one to be left behind in the cold, especially when it comes to innovative green transportation initiatives. The search engine powerhouse has been dabbling in everything from a network of human-powered monorails to self-driving robot cars, but it’s their latest idea that’s really got us excited. Last week, Google added plug-in vehicle charging station locations to its ever-popular U.S. mapping service, Google Maps. Google has teamed up with the U.S. government’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory to display chargers listed on its GeoEVSE Forum. So where’s the closest charger in your ‘hood?

Finding a plug-in vehicle charging station through Google Maps is an extremely straightforward task – all a user needs to do is type in “EV charging station near [insert locale],” and Google Maps will generate a bevy of charging points in the vicinity (pending the green-mindedness of the area). So the next time your EV is running low on juice all you’ve got to do is “google it.”

Via Green Auto Blog