If you have always thought that you could design a better smartphone than any of the current phones on the market, Google’s Project Ara is giving you the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. The company released a Module Developers Kit recently, giving developers around the world the opportunity to contribute to the modular phone. According to Google, the idea is that every phone can basically be a skeleton that the user can customize with their own modules based on their own needs.

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The 81-page release is aimed at the developer community, but it gives the world a detailed look at what the phone looks like at this point. The modular smartphone will have an endoskeleton called the Endo, basically a backbone with ribs for support, so that a user can switch out sections. If you’ve always wanted a phone with multiple batteries, speakers or even a thermal imager, you can build a phone that meets your needs.

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Once the phone hits the market, you will eventually be able to choose from 3 different sizes, each with a fixed number of module ports. With a few exceptions, you will be able to swap out any module you want whenever you want and it appears that the phone will even accept modules that extend beyond the frame of the phone, in the case of a camera lens or pulse sensor. Users will be able to buy new modules online and even design their phone before pulling out the credit card to order new parts.

The Developers Kit is open to anyone who wants to get in on the excitement or, if you are so inclined, you can just download it and read all about the details of the upcoming release.

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