After recently announcing that functional prototypes of its self-driving car are ready for real-world testing, reports now have Google reaching out to suppliers to help get its autonomous cars on the road. Google may have designed the technology behind its tiny self-driving car, but it needs the help of automakers and its suppliers to actually build it. Google has reportedly entered into talks with suppliers like Bosch, Roush and LG Electronics in an effort to find a manufacturer that can get make their autonomous car a commercial reality.

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“The goal is to have driverless cars available on the market within five years,” Chris Urmson, director of Self-Driving Cars for Google recently told the Detroit Free Press.

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Roush has already built a fleet of autonomous cars for Google at a factory in Detroit, but if Google really wants to get its self-driving car on the road in five years, it will need to work with a major automaker. “To say Silicon Valley is the only place where innovation happens is wrong. It is not a crusty Detroit/shiny Silicon Valley,” Urmson stated. “Anyone who thinks that is crazy.”

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