Google Street View cars have been patrolling for years now, providing all kinds of information about the world we live in (and creeping us out when we search for our own homes). Recently, Google partnered with Aclima, a company that develops mobile sensor networks, to equip their cars with the ability to collect air pollution data. The sensors can gather data related to common pollutants, including carbon dioxide, carbon monixide, nitrogen dioxide, black carbon, nitric oxide, methane, particulate matter, and more.

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NASA and the EPA conducted a study to gather higher quality air pollution data, using three Google cars which drove around the city of Denver for one month. San Francisco is next. The idea is to expand our understanding of air quality.

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Google Earth Outreach program manager Karin Tuxen-Bettman stated, “We hope this information will enable more people to be aware of how our cities live and breathe and join the dialogue on how to make improvements to air quality.”

It’s refreshing to see current technology take on additional applications, especially for the cause of conservation and environmental improvements. The Google-Aclima partnership is promising, and hopefully all Street View cars will be equipped with sensors, providing our brightest minds with the information needed to make real change.

Via The Verge

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