Google Street View is a fantastic tool for travelers who need to find their way around a new location. It is also is an great way to explore the world’s landmarks without having having to buy an expensive plane ticket. Google has now taken its service to staggering new heights by capturing images from the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Centered in downtown Dubai, the 160-story skyscraper soars 2,716.5 feet above street level. Using a special Trekker backpack and trolleys, the team from Google was able to complete their mission to record the tower in only three days.

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Through the project to document Burj Khalifa, the Google team was allowed access to the window cleaning baskets on the outside of the structure, and the team was also able to reach the spire, where they were exposed to 40 mph winds. From the ground floor entryway to the observation deck and very top level, the cameras took in the interior decor and the dizzying heights of the city below. Each panorama stretches for 360 degrees in high definition. Not only can you view what it is like to hang out on the 163rd floor, but go behind the scenes and take a peek at the building’s maintenance department on the 80th level. Not for the faint of heart, it is hard not to get vertigo even from the comfort of your chair.

Web surfers can experience the Burj Khalifa by visiting Google’s Street View Gallery.

Via Engadget