Google just released a new video for Project Glass that shows the augmented reality glasses being used in real-world situations. Until now the device was tested only by Google employees, but the company has unveiled that they are ready to hand out the glasses to a select group of consumers who will aid in the product’s development and identify first-gen bugs. Those who want to get their hands on the prototype and become Google’s “Glass Explorers” have until February 27th to submit their applications.

Compared to the original concept video released last April, the new interface shows radical improvements, with all the information displayed through a single pane in the top right corner and a fully integrated voice command system. These Web-connected high-tech specs will feature a number of functions, including a translator, calendar reminders weather alerts, Google image search and Google Now integration.

Google is yet to announce when general consumers will be able to buy Google Glass. The company will be accepting applications for an elite set of users who will get early access to Google Glass and offer feedback for how to better develop the hardware, its features and the overall experience.

In order to enter, Google is asking people to say on Twitter and Google+ how they would use the glasses if they were given a set. The entries must be no longer than 50 words, with the hashtag #ifIhadglass. Entrants are also allowed to use up to five photos and a video up to 15 seconds in length. The competition is open anyone over the age of 18 living in the US.

Competition winners will have to pay the Glass Explorer Edition’s $1,500 price tag and personally attend a “special pick-up experience” in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles to collect their prize.

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Via Ecouterre and Popsci