If you can’t wait to see what the post-apocalyptic future will look like, a Swedish developer has created a Google Street View hack that will make your day. Einar Odberg used Google’s street view data to create a different view of the world after the vines, grasses and trees have taken over. Urban Jungle Street View can go anywhere Google Street View can go, allowing you to see what the world would look like if nature over our streets and cities.

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Odberg has altered the typical Street View with an entirely new one. There’s an Indiana Jones-style Pegman who exclaims, “I hope there will be no snakes,” when you drop him on the map. If you drop the peg somewhere you can’t go, he says, “Snakes! Can’t go there. Try another spot.” Once you head somewhere, the view changes to a mud-splattered camera pointing to a world that is reverting back to nature in a post-apocalyptic vision. Drop him anywhere in the world to see what it will look like in a dark future.

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You can use Urban Jungle Street View on Chrome or Firefox and you can only move around using the giant stone arrow that appears in some views, so you can’t navigate like the traditional Street View. Using a part of Street View called depth data, Odberg combined this data with traditional maps to plot the 3D flora and fauna, which means the vines and trees appear to pop right out of the street and climb up the trees. Print out a view for your bug out bag so that you can be prepared to navigate your own post-apocalyptic neighborhood.

Via Daily Mail

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