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With cameras scanning the world over, it was only natural for Google to hop on the bandwagon to collect the images captured of street art around the globe. Since it is the nature of street art to be temporary, Google’s Street Art Project is also serving as an unofficial documentary collection, capturing images of great works before another artist comes along and paints over it.

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The project collects oversized murals that span entire building facades, but also smaller pieces, like stencils on sidewalks. In addition to capturing and keeping records of these works of art, Google Street Art also promotes artists through their site and through Twitter, giving fans the locations of the works around the world. The project also partners with museums and cultural institutions around the world for accredation. Users can look at pieces up close, with full detail, or check out pieces that have since been buffed over, like the legendary façade of the 5 Pointz Graffiti Mecca in Queens, which has recently been painted white to prepare for new condos.

Google’s Street Art Project is harnessing the street art movement that has exploded in recent years, and documenting the ephemeral works for future generations.

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