The mystery surrounding a barge moored near San Francisco’s Treasure Island has been solved, but the Google showroom is getting more interesting by the day. Designed by Gensler and LOT-EK and submitted by the firm By and Large LLC, the structure will eventually comprise a dozen or so large collapsible sails that mimic fish fins mounted on recycled shipping containers. The sails are designed to provide shade and shelter, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, while the floating showroom will tour the San Francisco Bay, docking at scheduled locations for one month at a time.

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By and Large LLC, the firm reportedly connected to Google, submitted plans for the barge to the Port of San Francisco. They reveal a combined studio and temporary exhibition space that will give local organizations greater visibility and a chance to connect with the public.

The preliminary documents obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle show a 50-foot-tall, 250-foot-long barge with a capacity for 1,000 daily visitors. An interactive space where people can learn about cutting-edge technologies, the barge will travel between ports in San Francisco, Fort Mason, Redwood City and the Riveter Historical National Park in Richmond

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