Various news outlets are reporting that Google has a new shipping container party barge called the Google X, and it is invite only. The barge will serve as a floating complex of Google Glass showrooms and is rumored to have a party deck, bars, balconies and other luxuries on-board.

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The mysterious barge has been camping out in the waters near Treasure Island in San Francisco, intriguing the press and locals alike. The barge has been held under tight security, but insiders have told San Francisco channel KPIX 5 that the ship is decked out with three floors of dazzling Google Glass show rooms. The upper floors have ample space for bar and entertaining areas, which is capped off with a party deck.

Insiders say that the complex is made from upcycled shipping containers that can be reconfigured to suit clients’ needs. The shipping container spaces can also be disassembled and reassembled easily, allowing Google to pack up the barge and send it off to another location around the world by train or water.

Google is keeping a tight lid on details, but the project has already caught the Coast Guard’s attention, and they have started performing routine inspections on the floating vessel.

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