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Google just announced that its new Finnish data center will be powered entirely by wind energy. The company is no stranger to renewable energy, and it struck up a ten year deal with a Swedish wind farm developer to construct a farm to power its new data center. The Hamina, South Finland data center will meet its energy needs by purchasing the entire output of the new O2 wind farm, which will be constructed in Maevaara, Northern Sweden.

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Google, which already claims it is a carbon neutral company, has been investing in alternative energy like wind, solar and biogas (read: pig poop) over the past few years. The construction of the new wind farm to power their Finnish data center is no surprise, and complies to their commitment to renewable energy. The new wind farm will be made up of 24 wind turbines that will churn out 72 megawatts of power for the data center. Google plans to start construction over the next few months, with a finishing date in 2015.

The wind farm will save the company in energy utilities, as will its location in the far north of Scandinavia, whose icy climate will help to natural cool the overheated processors in the data center.

The O2 wind farm will be owned by Allianz, a German Google investor who will oversee the project. This new wind venture joins Google’s $75 million investment in an Iowa wind farm, as well as a $12 million South African solar energy investment in made last month.

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