Look out Uber, the mighty Google is on your tail. The search giant is now entering the “hire a ride” business with RideWith, a new service that connects carpoolers with rides. Using their Waze community-based mapping service, the company is starting out with a small pilot program in Israel. The Waze service is already changing how people drive by giving real-time information by actual drivers stuck in traffic, sharing gas prices or letting others know where construction crews are stationed.

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During its pilot phase, RideWith will only allow people to share rides to and from work and will watch those people, making sure they only make those trips. This is to ensure the start-up can get around regulatory issues that have plagued Uber, such as rules that regulate who can drive a taxi and other rentable vehicles. Also, users of RideWith pay a small fee to cover gas and depreciation, rather than give the money directly to drivers.

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In the short term, RideWith does not pose a huge threat to Uber, but looking to the future, Google is likely to employ their driverless cars to achieve this goal. Of course, given the driverless car has had 11 accidents means this effort could also be out months or even years.

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