A Republican member of congress wants EPA administrator Gina McCarthy impeached, but the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) plans to fight back and they need your help. The Huffington Post reports that Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gossar is circulating a resolution calling for McCarthy’s impeachment. He accuses her of perjury, claiming she lied to members while appearing in front of House and Senate panels earlier in the year. This, combined with the risk of the government shutting down, has the LCV calling for donations to aid in a show of strength for the environmental movement.

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“My legislation will hold Administrator McCarthy accountable for her blatant deceptions and unlawful conduct,” wrote Gosar in a press release, claiming that McCarthy lied at multiple congressional hearings earlier this year about the EPA’s oversight of the Clean Water Rule – which clarifies which waters the government can protect under the Clean Water Act.

According to the Huffington Post, the EPA has not yet responded to the accusations.

Gene Karpinski of the LCV sees the move as an attack on the environmental movement, and is seeking urgent financial support to mount a counterattack.

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“We’re expecting the most intense political fight of the year, and we need your help,” Karpinski writes in an email. “With very little time for debate — funding for our government runs out on September 30 — issues like protecting the Arctic, historic limits on carbon pollution from power plants, and EPA funding are all at risk in this high-stakes fight. Keystone XL may even be back on the table.

“We need a major show of strength from the environmental movement to ensure the polluters don’t win. A donor has agreed to donate $500,000 to make that happen, but only if 5,000 people also chip in before September 30. Even small contributions — like $5 — count towards the goal.”

Via Huffington Post and LCV

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