Utah has a fair share of air quality problems – in fact, Salt Lake City is often rated as one of the most polluted cities in the nation. But one lawmaker suggests that the problem isn’t too much CO2 in the atmosphere, but rather, there’s not enough. To help remedy that, State Rep. Jerry Anderson (R-Price) is proposing a bill that would limit the state’s ability to regulate pollution, giving air polluters even more freedom to spew all the greenhouse gas emissions they want into the atmosphere.

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Demonstrating a stunning lack of scientific comprehension, Anderson created a bill that would change the definition of an air contaminant to exclude natural elements like carbon dioxide. By that definition, it would presumably also exclude natural poisons such as cyanide and radon. The bill would also make it impossible for the state to regulate any pollutants under 500 parts per million because, as he stated during a committee hearing on the bill, “the carbon dioxide level back in the days of the dinosaurs was considered to be about 600 parts per million. And they seemed to thrive quite well … The vegetation back in those times was lush.”

In fact, Anderson cites an alleged study in Nebraska in which scientists determined that dry western states actually need more CO2 in order to thrive. “We are short of carbon dioxide for the needs of the plants,” he claimed in the hearing. According to Utah Public Radio, Anderson later said that he doubts carbon dioxide levels have any impact on climate and change, and besides, climate change is a good thing. “I hate to think how cold it would have been a couple of months ago if we didn’t have some global warming, it’s been a good thing to keep us from freezing to death,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s lack of scientific understanding is so much more mind blowing when you take into account that he is actually a former science teacher. Fortunately, the committee voted to put the bill on hold.

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Images from Matthew Blank and Jason Paris